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About Me



Krazy Kake House, Inc. was founded in 2000 as a sole proprietorship.  In 2003 it changed the legal entity to an S-Corporation.  It is owned and operated by Crystal E. Hollis who serves as President/Master Baker and owns 100% of the company.  Crystal has always had a passion for cooking, baking and decorating.  I began cooking and baking at an early age.

My passion for baking and decorating became a reality when I decided to relocate from New York City and come back home to Chicago.  Here I was inspired by many family members and co-workers who not only enjoyed the look of my kakes but the taste as well.  The inspiration encouraged me to leave my job and bake fulltime.  My passion has now been fulfilled throught Krazy Kake House.

Krazy Kake House specializes in custom-made kakes that conventional bakeries do not offer.  These include a wide variety of specialty kakes, wedding kakes, character kakes, traditional kakes, basic-decorated kakes, and kupkakes.  We are dedicated to building long-term relationships with our customers through providing prompt and professional Kakery goods and service.  We also encourage our customers to become engaged in the design of their custom kake that will create fond memories for each special event.

Since or formal inception in 2003, Krazy Kake House has sold thousand of kakes.  This total number of sales is exclusive of kakes donated to social organizations, baking expos, vendor shows and prize giveaway.

Krazy Kake House MISSION is to sell fresh bakery products that taste as good as they look.  We wish to do so at prices which are affordable to the average consumer.

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